Covid 19 coronavirus: Victoria hotel quarantine guests at risk of HIV after test stuff-up

In Australia, more than 200 people who underwent hotel quarantine in Victoria have been urged to get tested for HIV and other viruses after a testing stuff up resulted in possible cross-contamination.

Safer Care Victoria announced yesterday that 243 people who underwent blood glucose level tests while in hotel quarantine between March 29 and August 20 could be at risk of contracting a blood-borne virus after the same test was used on multiple people.

“Blood glucose level testing devices intended for use by one person were used across multiple residents,” Safer Care Victoria said in a statement.

“This presents a low clinical risk of cross-contamination and blood-borne viruses – Hepatitis B and C, and HIV.”

A blood glucose level test involves pricking a finger to get a drop of blood to be used in the testing device.

CEO Safer Care Victoria Adj Assoc Prof Ann Maree Keenan said the agency was conducting a review to figure out how the stuff-up occurred.

Not good enough': Shorten weighs in on Vic mistakes

Former Labor leader Bill Shorten has weighed in on Victoria’s latest hotel quarantine stuff-up and the lockdown difficulties facing Melbourne residents.

Speaking on the Today show on Tuesday, Shorten said the mistakes occurring in Victoria “are not good enough”.

His criticism comes as it was revealed more than 240 hotel quarantine guests were put at risk of HIV and hepatitis after the same blood glucose level test was wrongly used on multiple guests.

Shorten said this was a timely reminder that people still needed to “keep our guard up against the old nasties we know about”.

“It must be really stressful and worrying for the people who have gone through this. I hope that they can get the tests results back as quick as possible,” he said.

Shorten said the continual restrictions in Melbourne meant residents were “doing it tough”, adding that people want to move on with their lives.

“The rest of Australia has moved on but Melbourne is caught up in it. I just want to see my hometown beat this thing and get back to … I don’t want to use the word ‘Normal’ I know what we are in at the moment isn’t normal,” he said.

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