Couples raunchy bin bonk caught on camera as man reacts furiously when spotted

A bloke's quest to call out a raunchy couple for getting it on in a train station bin shed didn't go to plan when the shameless romantic defended the behaviour and slammed him as a voyeur.

David Smith was relaxing at his house on Thursday night when he spotted the crazy duo sneaking into the overgrown bin store at Lymington Town train station in Hampshire.

The 30-year-old says he watched on as the randy couple "got jiggy" right in front of him – making him leave his house in horror to let his disgust be known and video them from the communal walkway.

But to his amazement, as the ashamed wife ran from the scene her saucy lover took out his own phone and started filming David – before joking about David's own sex life by referring to positions such as missionary.

The bonker defended his public spot and instead claimed the only reason David wasn't doing the same was that he "can't find a woman to have sexual excitement with".

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He then mocked David's filming, claiming it was "dirty" and made him a "voyeur" – but David says he only came outside to watch because he didn't want to see the couple's antics.

David, from Lymington, Hampshire, said: "It was weird – really weird. They'd clearly had some drinks and it was just strange really.

"He's acting like I'm the one that's in the wrong when he's basically doing it in front of a load of kids' bedroom windows.

"It's not nice. Kids should be kids and should not be looking out seeing someone getting jiggy in a bin shed.

"There's better places. We live in the middle of the New Forest. They could have gone out and scared some horses."

David claims he could "instantly tell" what they were about to get up to, before he caught them in the act.

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With the station lit up "like a Christmas tree", he feared the couple's public sex could be viewed by others on his street.

David said: "I looked over at the train station and I saw these two people walking, then they walked into the overgrown bin area.

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"You could instantly tell what they were going to do, then that's what happened.

"I went out there because I didn't want to see that. If I did, I would have been poking my eyes over the window and taking a sneak peak."

He went on: "I shouted over to say everyone could see them – I wasn't horrible or anything. There's a whole load of buildings and properties that look over the train station.

"The whole station is lit up like a Christmas tree. You can see everything. The whole end of the development looks over the train station.

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"I got instant abuse. He came out of the bin shed. She very quickly ran off around the corner while he basically just stayed and shouted abuse.

"It started off with homophobic abuse then moved on to asking me what sexual positions I like.

"I only started filming after receiving a whole load of abuse. That's the point when I started videoing it."

After uploading the video to the internet, David says he was confused at some of the comments he received, suggesting he was in the wrong for filming.

David said: "It's weird that some people would even suggest that I'm the one in the wrong. You can tell that they haven't watched the video or used their brains and thought about it.

"They say 'you filmed them having sex?' Clearly I didn't. I shouted over to tell everyone could see."

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