Coronavirus breakthrough as Russia pioneers way for one ventilator to treat FOUR patients

A top state doctor hailed the move as a Covid-19 game changer and they have developed a special filter system that prevents infections being passed from one patient to another.

Ventilators are vital for coronavirus sufferers and can make the difference between life and deathbed but they are in short supply in Britain and all countries hit by the virus. 

Professor Veronika Skvortsova, head of the Russian Federal Biomedical Agency, said: 

“We have managed to set up experimental devices that can ventilate two, three, four patients.”

Special bactericidal filters prevent bacteria or virus infections of any type of ventilator when it is shared  – and separately of the air tubes leading to each patient.

She claimed the method is more successful than Western attempts to use ventilators for more than one patient due to the unique  filter system which blocks 99.9 per cent of bacteria.

A video shows how she demonstrated the plastic filters on Russian state-controlled 1st channel insisting they were “safe”.


“We can see it here – this bactericidal filter provides 99.9 percent protection against bacteria and viruses,” she said. 

“This one ventilator works for four beds.”

A neurologist and former Russian health minister Dr Skvortsova said Moscow was was now going into mass production with the filters.

“In April, 80,000 sets will be developed, with all necessary filters for the devices and tubes going to the patient.

“From May we will switch to 200,000 per month.”

She said: “This system is compatible with both domestic and foreign ventilators and respiratory anaesthesia machines.”

The “breakthrough” was developed by Russia hi-tech state corporations Rostec and  Shvabe along with her biomedical agency, she said.

“It is important to note that the system we have created is universal,” she said.

“It is suitable for any model of mechanical ventilation device.”

The claim comes as Russia has banned traditional funerals for coronavirus victims where  the dead lie in open-topped coffins during the ceremony.

Coffins must be closed for those either confirmed by autopsy or suspected of dying from Covid-19,  ruled  the health ministry. 

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