City sees over 200 people murdered in just 10 days amid horrifying bloodshed

Assassinations and gang warfare are contributing to more than 200 deaths in just 10 days after one city has seen a massive crime spike.

Port-au-Prince has reported so many murders in such quick succession that the United Nations is beginning to intervene in the city where one person is killed every 68 minutes.

The capital city of Haiti has a reported population of 2.6million, but inhabitants are dwindling now that 21 people a day have been murdered in the city over the span of a 10-day period.

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UN reports indicate that a total of 471 people have been killed, injured or are unaccounted for in the city.

One resident in the gang-warfare heavy Cite Soleil spoke of the "stress and despair" they feel while living there, going as far to say that they use the "rhythmical sound of bullets being fired to lull me to sleep."

Edwin, who told he did not want to use his real name, added: "My life is now a cycle of fear, stress and despair."

An uptick in crime may not be a surprise for some residents of Haiti, who just last year saw their president assassinated.

President Jovenel Moise was assassinated at his home and since then an increase in crime has been noted by UN officials, including gang warfare.

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Two gangs appear to be fighting for territory in the Cite Soleil neighbourhood, where 300,000 people currently reside and likely live in the same "stress and despair" Edwin spoke of.

The assassination of the president led to complete disarray for Haiti, who have yet to select a new, permanent, prime minister or president in the wake of the killing.

UN humanitarian co-ordinator for Haiti, Ulrika Richardson, said: "The humanitarian needs in Cite Soleil are immense and are growing due to poverty, lack of basic services, including security, and a recent spike in violence."


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