Chilling moment Italian police car patrols street telling people to stay inside

Police in Italy have been filmed driving through streets and ordering residents to stay inside as the entire country was put on lockdown over coronavirus.

Italy has seen more cases of the deadly disease than any country outside of China, with 463 deaths and a total of 9,172 people infected to date.

In a desperate attempt to stem the outbreak, officials have placed the entire country in quarantine.

Giuseppe Conte, the prime minister, has instructed all Italians to leave their houses only for urgent health or work reasons while schools and universities have closed.

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Footage has now surfaced on Twitter showing a police car driving through a street in Naples.

A man is heard saying over the microphone ordering people to stay inside their homes.

The creepy footage has been seen more than 200,000 times since being posted to Twitter by Valerio Esposito last night.

He said: “The ‘protezione civile’ (civil protection service) has been sending cars (even late at night) with loudspeakers urging residents to stay indoors and not leave the house unless it’s absolutely necessary.”

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Hundreds of people have responded to the “dystopian” sight, with one writing: “This is very necessary and incredibly f***ing scary.”

Another said: “This is incredibly dystopian. I understand that they need to contain this, but fucking hell it's so creepy to see it happen this way.”

Others thought it looked like something from a “bad network TV movie”.

The worrying coronavirus outbreak in Italy has also had a major impact on sporting events.

All sport in the country – including Serie A matches – have been suspended until at least April 3.

England’s men’s and women’s rugby union teams were scheduled to lay Italy on March 14 and 15 respectively, but the matches were postponed last week.

In the UK, the death toll from coronavirus reached five yesterday with a total of 319 confirmed cases.

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