Chilling messages of sex addict ‘daddycakes’ who plotted with lover to kill wife

Sick lovers who plotted the murder of the man's wife called each other "daddycakes" and "babygirl" in chilling messages in the build-up to the killing.

Love rat Michael Walker – a US Army sergeant – told Alisia Jackson that their lives would be better with Catherine Walker, 38, out of the way.

She was oblivious to her husband being a serial cheat who met with both men and women for sex, and wanted to start a family with him, the Daily Mirror reports.

He fell for Jackson after being stationed on Hawaii, telling her he wanted a divorce but could not afford it.

He told her that Catherine had a $400,000 life insurance policy that he would receive if she died.

Jackson, who had mental health issues, was vulnerable to his suggestions and they hatched a plan to kill Catherine in her bed as she slept in her home at Aliamanu Military Reservation.

The pair devised a sinister code to hide their evil intentions.

In October 2014, the year the murder happened, Walker sent Jackson a message saying, ‘I want you so bad!!! If only someone was out of the way!’

Just weeks later they were talking about how they would carry out the killing, with Jackson saying she was "hungry for action".

Walker responded: "The sooner the better."

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They agreed to make it look like a burglary gone wrong, and on November 14 Jackson said she'd carry out the murder that night when medic Walker was at work.

They came up with a text messaging code so that Jackson would know whether she should enter the Walkers’ home through a window or use a key that was kept near the back door.

If Walker texted "good", that would indicate that she would need to use the window. "Bad" would be the word for using the key.

Later that night, Walker messaged ‘bad’ to Jackson. At around midnight, she walked to the house and found the key.

After letting herself in, she grabbed a kitchen knife and attacked Catherine in her sleep, plunging the blade into her neck and torso.

Amazingly, during the attack Jackson asked Catherine whether she forgave her, and she said she did.

But that did not bring the brutal incident to an end, and Walker waited 30 minutes to make sure Catherine was definitely dead.

Walker returned that night to "find" his murdered wife and alerted the police to the tragedy.

But, with no signs of a break-in, it wasn’t long before investigators suspected an inside job.

Police tracked Jackson down in Indiana where she was arrested in early 2015. When interrogated she admitted what she’d done and pleaded guilty to murder to avoid a life sentence.

During questioning, Walker admitted having multiple affairs but said he didn’t want his wife dead – he said Jackson had acted on her own and wanted Catherine out of the way so they could be together.

But when Jackson told police about their coded messages there was enough evidence to charge him.

In 2015, Jackson told the court that she had stabbed Catherine to death and admitted to staying there until she was sure Catherine was dead.

Her lawyer talked about how Jackson had been diagnosed with a schizoaffective disorder but hadn’t been taking her medication at the time of her killing because of a lapse in her health insurance, so was mentally unstable.

Jackson was sentenced to 30 years in prison. Catherine’s compassionate family said they forgave her. Catherine’s dad, Douglas Plotz, said they supported the lower sentence. "We wholeheartedly forgive her", he said.

"I want Ms Jackson to know that.:

In September 2019, a week before he was about to start his trial, Walker pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and admitted that conversations with his mistress had ended up with his wife dead.

Prosecutors say Walker not only knew what Jackson was planning but he had actively encouraged her to do it.

In February this year, Walker was sentenced to 35 years for his part in the despicable plot. The judge said she wanted him to serve longer than Jackson because he had orchestrated the killing.

"Ms Jackson wielded the knife that killed your wife," she said. "And that was a terrible, terrible deed. But it does appear to me that you were in control. That she did what she did because you wanted her to. And you knew she had mental health problems."

Walker apologised to his wife’s family. "I love Cathy very much and I would do anything if it could bring her back," he said. But Walker was a proven, twisted liar with sickening desires that didn’t just end with killing loved ones for money.

During the investigation into Catherine’s death, authorities found images and videos when they searched through Walker’s computer.

In 2016, a military court found Walker guilty of child pornography charges and in 2017, he was convicted of sexually abusing a child, physically assaulting a child and wrongfully communicating a threat.

He was reduced in rank from sergeant to private, sentenced to 10 years confinement and received a dishonourable discharge from the army.

Walker was also convicted of prostitution after investigators found social media sites where he was selling himself to men for sex.

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