CCTV captures shadowy image of Death as Grim Reaper claims souls of muggers

Disturbing footage at a petrol station shows a shadowy image hovering around muggers shortly before they were shot dead by police – and some say this eerie image is the Grim Reaper.

Some reckon the Grim Reaper appears shortly before somebody dies to collect their soul and is often represented by a creepy cloaked figure wielding a scythe and lurking in the shadows.

Onlookers say the petrol station CCTV footage captured the ghostly figure.

The video posted on YouTube shows the criminals ride into the petrol station in Moju, an area in the northern Brazilian state of Para on New Year's Eve, on a motorcycle and pulling up at the pumps so the passenger can hop off.

The pair then rob the three people at the pumps- two of whom are uniformed staff. The victims can be seen putting their hands in the air as the muggers take their belongings.

Looking in front of the convenience store, a mysterious and inexplicable shadow lurks and moves about, as if watching over the crime.

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This is the image that some people are claiming is the Dark Angel of Death coming to collect the souls of the two criminals.

Netizen Cinthia Campos commented on the video, writing: "It's 'Death' lurking behind them."

Adding to the speculation about whether the footage did indeed capture the Grim Reaper, Newsflash reports that a shootout took place after the muggers refused to surrender when apprehended by Brazilian police on New Year's Day.

The criminals were wounded during the gunfire and were taken to a health centre where they both later died.

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It's not the first time the Grim Reaper has seemingly been "caught" on camera.

ChronicleLive reports that in 2021, a Northumberland man was driving home from work when he decided to stop to take as picture of a tree that had fallen in Storm Arwen. Later, when uploading his pic to his computer, he noticed he had snapped a mysterious cloaked figure that was "creepy as hell".

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