Cats gagging like humans after smelling objects leave Reddit viewers in stitches

The saying may very well go dogs are man’s best friend – but maybe it is cats that are more similar to us.

For weeks, Daily Star Online has brought you hilarious videos of our furry felines getting up to a whole load of mischief.

From cats deciding to fight over absolutely nothing to getting tricked into thinking spider drawings are real, there really is no limit to the comical side of our feline pals.

But a new wave of clips have now surfaced on Reddit showing how cats are able to hilariously gag exactly like humans.

So, as the world continues to go into a panicking frenzy over coronavirus, take a chill pill, relax, and watch these genuinely hilarious clips of man’s other best friend.

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Our first dose of light cat relief shows a feline digging his claws into an orange lying next to him.

The cat rolls the fruit closer to him before deciding to give it a quick sniff.

But he clearly does not like what he smells. The pet immediately darts back before gagging in horror.

Reddit user nevermndthealbatross posted the clip to Reddit last year with the caption: “My boy both discovering mandarin oranges and finding out he hates them.”

The video gained more than 900 upvotes with many viewers noting that cats “hate the smell of citrus”.

But it’s not just citrussy food that seem to rub cats up the wrong way.

Another video shared to subreddit gaggingcats shows a cat being offered a chip by its owner.

He, again, starts sniffing the food but immediately lurches forward in a gagging movement.

Redditor Lisalox was responsible for the upload and captioned her video: “Toothless thought he wanted my chips.”

Like the previous clip, it proved hugely popular online and received a healthy 513 upvotes.

Perhaps the most incredible of our gagging cat videos involved no food at all.

The video showed a newborn baby’s head slowly being moved towards feline, Archie.

Unimpressed, the cat darts back before heaving repeatedly.

“I don’t know if this counts as a startled cat but Archie heaves anytime I put our newborn baby near him,” uploader feetpolice911 said.

Unsurprisingly, the video proved the most popular of all the rest and received more than 7,000 upvotes.

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