Cannibal killer hacks aunt to death with machete and eats head in soup

A suspected cannibal killer has been arrested after he reportedly killed his aunt and ate her head earlier this month.

Jeremiah Ode was reportedly discovered chowing down on the head of his uncle's wife, 65-year-old Priscilla Adoga, after he is understood to have murdered her with a machete on August 19 before cooking up the severed cranium.

Local police officers in the Benue State of Nigeria, where the horror case unfolded, released images of the 45-year-old Nigerian man upon his arrest, and the killer is now being tried at Makurdi Magistrates Court for cannibalism.

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Prosecuting police officer Omaye Ujata said in court that Silas Igiri of Oju Local Government Area had reported the incident to law enforcement officers.

Igiri claimed the suspect had turned his victim's head into pepper soup and ate it at his home after allegedly butchering and decapitating her.

Alarm bells were raised after Priscilla didn't return home from a day of work on the farm.

After concerns continued to escalate, a search party was sent out to look for her. It was then that the shock discovery was made at Ode's home in Igwe Ochekpo in Oju Local Government Area of the west African nation.

When asked by investigators what had happened, Ode said the pair had been fighting with a machete but that he eventually overpowered her, leading him to kill her.

He pleaded guilty to the killing in court, but his plea hasn't been accepted.

A local report said: “The police considered the narration too normal to be that of a mad man and, therefore, decided to prosecute him.

"Although the Prosecutor told the court that the accused has confessed to committing the crime, no plea was taken, for want of jurisdiction."

Ode is being remanded in custody at the Federal Correctional Centre in Makurdi, according to Vantage News, while the case has been adjourned until November 11.

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