Britain heading for big freeze with sub-zero temperatures hitting -6C

Britain is headed for sub-zero temperatures and freezing weather with lows of about -6C later this week.

Northern regions are to expect frost with wintery conditions to sweep across the area tonight and tomorrow morning.

Met Office forecaster Alex Burkill has announced Scotland and Northern Ireland will plunge below zero overnight, leaving roads covered in frost tomorrow.

He said: "Scotland, northern England and Northern Ireland, and also northern Wales will on Thursday night see temperatures drop quite a bit below freezing, hitting lows of about -6C before Friday morning."

The cold weather will hit the country heading into the weekend, with the Met Office warning temperatures will “continue to drop day by day by day.

Commenting on the weather forecast on Friday, Met Office meteorologist Aidan McGivern warned of a “frosty start” to the morning.

He added: “The most likely outcome for Friday is that it’s a frosty start.

“There will be plenty of sunshine, a bit more clod coming into Eastern Countries of Scotland and eastern part of England as well.

“Perhaps a few showers.”

Mr McGivern also said the influx of rain combined with the drop in temperature could cause “rain or hail” on lower levels of the country, with chances of “snow over the hills”.

Mothering Weekend "will be the calmest of the year", setting the tone for a mild start to the following week.

Wednesday will see heavy rain heading south which will dwindle out by Friday.

This comes as the coronavirus ravages the UK with a lockdown in London expected by the weekend.

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