Blokes front room horror as 7ft long snake emerges from under sofa cushion

A homeowner lived most people's worst nightmare last week when a huge 7ft snake slithered out from underneath their couch.

Alex Trejo, owner of a snake removal company, described receiving the frantic call from the terrified resident.

Trejo said: "This guy calls me, is pretty frantic and he’s like, ‘There’s a snake in my couch'".

According to the snake whisperer even he was shocked at how the massive snake had been hiding in someone's couch, KCBD reported.

Trejo claimed he lifted a cushion off the sofa and saw the "giant seven-foot Vietnamese blue beauty rat snake" coiled up underneath.

"You’d be more lucky to find a Rolex sitting on the ground than a snake like this,” he explained.

Incredibly, the rare snake is able to grow up to a whopping eight feet long, and this sneaky one was almost the biggest it could be.

Trejo, who rescued the snake from the California home, claimed he was almost bit by the slithery animal while trying to wrangle it.

"He didn’t get my skin but he actually got the lining of my shirt," he said.

It is not clear where the huge animal came from and the homeowner insists that it definitely isn't his.

Snakes are legal to keep as pets and Trejo believes this one probably escaped from its owner.

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The poor snake is now reportedly suffering with a respiratory infection as it usually thrives in tropical weather.

Spending so many days out of its normal climate caused the animal damage.

Trejo added: "I have a very good friend who deals with these exotic animals.

"He’s out there treating the snake right now. We really are keeping our fingers crossed hoping the snake makes it."

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