Bloke in mankini hunted down and pelted with paintballs on terrifying stag do

A brazen bloke’s stag do descended into chaos after he was left with 50 whopping bruises when he donned a revealing reindeer mankini to go paintballing in the snow.

Brave William Watson was forced to run towards a firing squad of his pals – and his dad – in only a protective helmet and boots and the skimpy Rudolph garment to wear.

The 31-year-old, who is set to marry his fiancé Charlotte Goode within days, was then brutally pelted with rock hard balls.

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Due to the sub-zero weather conditions that have caused chaos throughout the UK, many of the balls didn't explode into paint and instead slammed into poor William as a solid shell.

He was pictured emerging from a shed on the snow-covered Raw War Paintball, in Carrwood, Lake District, Cumbria.

Courageous William was seen enduring a 36-second onslaught, running over and round mounts while his stag party group shot at him.

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After the groom managed to flee back to safety, he said: "There were 20 of them, even my dad was there.

"I don't think the temperature got over 0C all day. It was so cold. They just put me in the mankini and told me to run.

"Half of the paintballs didn't even explode. It was terrifying, pretty scary. I got hit about 40 to 50 times. I am covered in bruises."

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After the bloody battering, the stag do group then enjoyed a boozy night on the town in Lancaster on Friday (9 December).

William, from Darlington, is set to marry 32-year-old Charlotte on Thursday (December 15) in Northumberland.

He is hoping to make a full recovery from his freezing and bruising experience before the big day.

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