Bloke bites off snakes head and spits it out while sitting at ice-cream cart

A bizarre video has captures a man biting off a live snake's head before spitting it out in front of shocked onlookers.

The clip shows the hungry bloke holding the reptile in his hands as he sat on an ice cream trolley in Lalkuan, northern India.

He then put the reptile's head straight into his mouth and chomped down on it as a stunned crowd watched.

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The man then spat out the blood as he dropped the snake's body which made the spectator believe he was done with the sickening act.

However, he picked up the animal again and continued to feast, chewing off a bit more of its body and repeatedly spitting it out.

He then took out a bottle of soft drink from his pocket and poured it on the snake's body before sucking out the juices.

When he was done, he smiled as he left the snake's lifeless body on the ice cream cart.

Reports say the man is part of a community of labourers who have been left enraged by the demolition of their houses by the authorities.

The group had allegedly illegally occupied railway land for the past several years and bulldozers were used to demolish their encroachments.

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It comes after a bloke in the US faced charges for biting the head off of a snake during a domestic dispute.

Kevin Justin Mayorga, 32, from southern Florida, USA, was arrested after officers from Miami-Dade police received reports of a man and woman arguing.

Cops attended the apartment in Cutler Bay on Tuesday (January 31) and when Mayorga was securely restrained, the woman told officers he had bitten the head off her pet ball python.

Officers confirmed that the snake was found decapitated at the scene.


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