Bizarre moment man spots two dogs nonchalantly sitting on chairs in backyard

Bizarre footage shows a pair of dogs sitting nonchalantly on garden chairs, scaring the life out of a passing van driver who then stopped to record them.

In the clip, uploaded on TikTok by user @saxby2.0, the driver talks into the camera and says he just had a scare after spotting the strangest thing.

"I'm on my way home from f***ing work and I'm looking out of my window and I'm thinking, 'What the f*** is that?'"

Driving along the road, he continues: "Anyway, I had a quick look and I'm just turning around here… check this f***ing s*** out!"

The camera shows the view out of the side window, where the two dogs are sitting completely motionless in a plastic chair each, facing towards the road.

Uncannily, they look still as statues which makes it all the more creepy.

As the driver goes past, they turn their heads around to stare at him.

"That scared the f*** out of me," he says.

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"What are you two doing, hey? I don't know who you are and I don't know who you belong to, but why are you sitting on chairs like that?

"F***ing hell," he says again before the clip again.

Unsurprisingly, the weird video was a massive hit and got more than 84,000 "likes" and 1,700 comments, with many people having their own ideas about what was going on.

"It’s the way they turned their heads to me," joked a user.

A second quipped: "CEOs of neighbourhood watch."

"Those dogs are up to something they have a plan to take over," mused another viewer.

Someone else theorised: "They work for main roads counting traffic."

This comes after a fat Labrador ended up needing emergency surgery when he ate his entire leash while his owners weren't looking.

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