BBC Weather: Reasonable chance UK to be hotter than Hawaii as Brits brace for scorcher

BBC Weather: 'Reasonable chance' UK to be hotter than Hawaii

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The forecaster said conditions are expected to slowly improve as the week progresses, with thermometers slowly rising into the high 20s. Cambridge is expected to hit 30C by Friday, with scorching temperatures set to leave Britons across the south of England basking in the sunshine. Asked whether the UK could have more hot weather than Hawaii, the BBC Weather meteorologist said: “There’s a reasonable chance.

“Hawaii would see temperatures into the high 20s and, towards the end of the week, we could be hitting the 30-degree mark.

“It’s the first time and I’m even thinking of using the word hot. It could well get pretty hot for some of us, but not all of us.

“There’s always going to be some cloud and some colder weather across the northwest.

“There’s been a quiet start, started off with largely sunny skies. It’s a sign that two weeks away is the longest day of the year so far.”

The BBC forecaster continued: “Later in the week, temperatures are set to hit probably 30C in parts of eastern England but before we get there across Scotland and Northern Ireland, we’re looking at some pretty cloudy conditions with some scattered showers.

“England and Wales most part is dry and with some sunshine is going to feel warm.

“Thickest cloud working its way into the northwest of the UK and that is bringing showers already coming into Scotland, Northern Ireland, one or two for the northwest of England.

“Showers are probably at their most widespread as we go through this morning so that’s your highest chance of seeing a shower.”

Met Office forecasts ‘pleasant and fine’ weather

Mr Fawkes warned the far north of Scotland, Northern Ireland and northern England will still have to contend with quite a breeze through Sunday.

Gusts hit as high as 50mph on Saturday but the strength is expected to abate as Sunday draws on.

He added: “It will stay quite windy – Scotland, Northern Ireland, the far north of England we’re seeing gusts into 30mph whereas further south we’ve got the best of the sunshine.

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“The winds are lighter and will feel warm again, temperatures widely where they were yesterday in the low 20s but generally around 15C-16C for Scotland and Northern Ireland with those brisk winds continuing.

“Overnight tonight, a few more showers for a time across the northwest but more general outbreaks of rain working in.

“Relatively mild night, temperatures drifting down towards 10C to 11C quite widely.”

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