Australian election TV coverage sees losing MP humiliated with brutal bubble graphic

Australia: News channel 'bursts' MP's bubble after being ousted

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Australian political pundits have come up with a novel way to cover the winners and losers in the country’s 2022 election. Election TV coverage on channel 7News saw hosts slap down the outgoing Liberal Party of Australia MP Tim Wilson during a bizarre segment which involved the politician appearing inside a ‘bubble’ which was promptly ‘burst’ by a presenter much to the glee of his in-studio colleagues. 

Presenter Peter Mitchell told Australia’s 7News: “Tonight his pour old Canberra bubble will be rising from our machine very shortly, it takes a long time.

“For Tim Wilson let me get this finger, Tim Wilson is gone!”

“Leaving the Canberra bubble,” remarked his co-host Jacqueline Felgate.

Mr Mitchell added: “Burst!”

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“I feel a bit sorry for him and I don’t even know him,” added Ms Felgate.

It comes as Australia’s Labor Party set to end almost a decade of conservative rule as the Australian Government was swept away in Saturday’s election.

Partial results showed that while Labor had made small gains, Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s Liberal-National coalition had been punished by voters in Western Australia and affluent urban seats in particular.

“Tonight, I have spoken to the leader of the opposition and the incoming prime minister, Anthony Albanese. And I’ve congratulated him on his election victory this evening,” said Mr Morrison.

Australia: Labor's Anthony Albanese speaks after election vote

Mr Albanese, speaking as he headed to his party celebrations, said he wanted to unite the country and “end the climate wars”.

“I think people want to come together, look for our common interest, look towards that sense of common purpose. I think people have had enough of division, what they want is to come together as a nation and I intend to lead that.”

Mr Albanese said he aimed to be sworn in swiftly so he could attend a meeting of the Quad security grouping in Tokyo on Tuesday.

He promised constitutional recognition and parliamentary representation for Indigenous Aboriginals, as well as the establishment of an anti-corruption commission.

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In results so far, Labor had yet to reach the 76 of the 151 lower house seats required to form a government alone.

Final results could take time as counting of a record number of postal votes is completed.

With 60 percent of the vote counted, Labor had 72 seats and Morrison’s coalition 55. Independents and the Greens held 11, the Australian Broadcasting Corp projected.

A further 13 seats remained in doubt.

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