Architect of Devils Church cut off his hands when he finished the building

Urban explorers have revealed the sinister inside of a cursed church that was built for devil-worshippers by an architect who cut off his hands.

The blokes behind the Abandoned UK Facebook page posted eerie photos that sent a chill down the spines of their fans as they showed rotting skulls and broken tombs in the crypt.

The charred bones were hidden inside a white vault that has a large black cross on the wall but the crypt has since been closed off.

It's not clear what happened to the people whose bones were found in there but the building was said to have belonged to a satanic family that stole from other churches and was designed by a man who cut off his own hands after the building work was finished.

The explorers wrote: "A local family had been caught stealing lead from nearby churches and as punishment, they had to build a new church, so they built it backwards out of spite.

"The architect who helped design and build the church apparently cut his own hands off after completing the church.

"The church had to be closed after people realised they would be worshipping the devil and not God. It closed in 1990 and has been for sale since.

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"The crypt itself has been sealed since we explored it. Most of the bodies date back to the 1700s."

Fans of the explorers had mixed feelings about their entrance into the cult-owned building as some were fascinated by the site and others said the tombs should have been barricaded years ago.

One user said: "Wow that is scary – what a fascinating story behind this thank you for sharing."

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Another wrote: "Doesn't say a lot for the current owner, not adequately securing the site, not that anything could be developed there without legally relocating of the various remains, which horrifyingly appears grave robbers visit sickening."

A third said: "This is incredible. Never seen anything like this before, especially in the UK. Truly awful."

A fourth wrote: "This is sad. They need moving and buried where can't and won't be vandalised."

Abandoned UK visit derelict sites across the UK but they don't disclose locations to protect them from vandalism.

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