Angry Karen throws poo and boiling water over mums car in parking dispute

Mum Natalie Mayers parked in a legal parking zone down a street in Toowoomba, Southern Queensland, Australia to go to work.

However, when she returned to her car she claims to have seen a local homeowner tipping dog poo and boiling water over the vehicle.

In response, Mayers confronted the perpetrator while capturing their exchange on video.

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The woman admitted the attack but appeared to show little remorse, insisting that her actions were justified as she’d hung up a home-made sign on her gate asking people not to park outside her property.

The sign asks drivers not to park outside the house or leave their car on the street while they go to work, which Mayers had done.

However, the area outside the resident’s house is a public legal parking zone and Mayers had abided by the law.

In the video the resident confronts Mayers saying: “Why did you park in front of my house when there’s a sign here saying please don’t, and the street is empty.

“You’ve been here over three hours – I’ve taken a photo of what time you got here and when I did this. Why would you park here?”

It appears this is not the first time the homeowner has taken action into her own hands against drivers outside her property.

As Mayers confronted her, the angry resident revealed: “I’m already going to court because there’s probably a friend of yours that was parked here last time.”

Queensland Police confirmed to Daily Mail Australia that they were aware of the incident and that investigations were ongoing.

In a TikTok posted after the incident, Mayers said she had to call the police as the situation began to escalate.

“I did actually call 000 because she threatened me and told me to wait and see what she did to my car if I ever chose to come back," she said.

“I did feel a little bit concerned about what she actually might do next so I called triple zero and they told me to move my car further down the road.”

Mayers said she’d only recently returned to work from maternity leave and had not seen the hand-made sign when arriving at the parking spot.

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