Angela Merkel desperately begging EU leaders to compromise as bloc on brink of COLLAPSE

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Chancellor Angela Merkel has begun pleading with European leaders over growing disagreements on the coronavirus recovery fund. The €750 billion fund has been proposed to bloc to help countries recover from the coronavirus pandemic. However multiple nations have voiced their concerns over this idea, most notably Holland’s Prime Minister Mark Rutte who has taken a firm stance on grants regarding the fund.

Euronews’ Shona Murrey explained the escalating tensions and the dangers it represents to the future of the EU.

Ms Murray said: “Diplomats from other member states, including Angela Merkel do have hopes that Mark Rutte will move his position and there can be a political agreement.

“As we heard from Chancellor Merkel, she is begging and pleading for leaders to see the bigger picture.

“Ms Merkel wants them to consider the future of the single market and the future of the European Union.”

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The Euronews correspondent also outlined Mr Rutte’s firm position and how it is being received across the European Union

She said: “I think Mark Rutte’s position is not shared by many.

“The Dutch Government is the Government that is is most strenuously against grants in the €750 billion fund.

“The vast majority of Governments and leaders are here to try and put together a political agreement on the seven-year budget and on the €750 billion rescue fund.”

Ms Murray went on to list the nations most opposed to the fund and how this has caused tensions to grow within the European Union.

She said: “There are four member states, the frugal four, the Netherlands, Austria, Sweden and Denmark that have concerns about the fund.

“They also have an issue of the ratio of grants to loans.

“As we heard from Mark Rutte, the Dutch say they are against grants per se which is a hugely difficult starting position for leaders to negotiate from.”

The European correspondent added there is feeling from other MEPs that Mr Rutte must take this firm position, regardless of whether it causes friction in the EU.

She said Mr Rutte is making political moves with the long-term in mind.

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Ms Murray said: “There is a feeling that Mark Rutte has to take this very strong position from a domestic standpoint.

“The Dutch don’t want to be seen to be paying the mortgage of Europe.

“Mark Rutte also has an election to face next year.”

Despite his firm position, the idea Mr Rutte will have to eventually compromise or back down to the EU is also growing.

The question remains when will this happen and how will this happen.

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