35-stone woman paid £1.5k-a-month to record herself getting stuck in doorways

A 35-stone woman is pocketing over £1,500 a month by getting stuck in doorways.

Danielle Birch, 25, uploads videos of her size 36 physique getting stuck in a series of doorways – as well as standing next to smaller people.

The entrepreneurial woman, who lives in Plymouth, Devon, charges between £2.90 to £7.30 per video and insists that her content is "non-pornographic".

Birch claims that she shares her videos simply for men to admire bigger women.

Danielle said: "There's a lot of interest in seeing how my weight affects my daily life.

"I used to wear baggy clothes to try and hide my weight but sharing my body online has boosted my confidence.

"I have realised that I may not be everyone's cup of tea but there are people out there who appreciate my body."

Danielle charges customers £2.90 for five-minute videos which usually involve her trying on an outfit.

People can pay a larger price of £7.20 for twenty-minute videos.

She adds: "The short videos are usually me trying on a cute outfit.

"Whereas the longer ones might be a car tour which would show how I fit into one and others might be me getting stuck in a doorway.

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"Another video could involve squashing a smaller man or sitting in a hot tub causing the water to overflow.

"There's no denying what some people are using my content for without being crude but I do receive lovely messages from women."

The 25-year-old's newfound confidence in her body has helped other women start to love theirs too.

However, the content creator and former chef claims that she isn't trying to promote obesity.

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She adds: "I am finally comfortable in my own skin but that doesn't mean I am telling others to get fat.

"I used to hate how I look but now I have a different outlook on it.

"I don't want to stay this size forever as I have limited mobility so I have reduced my calorie intake to 2,500 from 5,000 per day.

"I would be happy in size 20 clothing."

Despite the mass of support she has received online, Danielle has also been the target of trolls.

She adds: "Trolls and haters online say I look like a piece of meat and I am a disgrace.

"They've also accused me of promoting obesity which I am not.

"I know this weight isn't healthy but at the moment, I am fine with no underlying medical conditions.

"I don't know why my weight means I shouldn't be able to love myself.

"I think people should mind their own business, if someone is struggling with their weight then being horrible and abusing them isn't helping."

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