Sturgeon claims independence movement ‘galvanised’ by court ruling

Sturgeon clashes with reporter over independence questions

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Nicola Sturgeon has been mocked after insisting the Scottish independence movement has been “galvanised” by the UK top court’s blocking of a second referendum. The Supreme Court this week ruled that such a vote could not be held without the UK Government’s consent.

Ms Sturgeon at first described the decision as a “hard pill” to swallow, but has this evening claimed its plays to her advantage.

The First Minister said Westminster parties were making a “catastrophic miscalculation” if they believe the court’s ruling pays into their hands.

She pointed to pro-independence protests outside Holyrood after the verdict was given, were crowds held banners reading “Scotland should be an independent”.

Ms Sturgeon said: “Thousands of people took to the streets – in freezing Scottish winter weather – to demonstrate their support for Scottish democracy.”

But pro-UK writer Effie Deans stressed this was indicator of support for Scotland to leave the UK.

Brining to question attendance numbers at the demonstrations, she told “If there was going to be a huge surge of anger and support for independence after the Supreme Court judgement then there would have been more than a few hundred Scottish nationalists at the various demonstrations afterwards.”

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