‘Stands by what he says!’ Rishi Sunak hailed as your favourite Blue Collar Tory in poll

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Some of the UK’s top ministers including Chancellor Rishi Sunak, Home Secretary Priti Patel, Education Secretary Gavin Williamson, Transport Secretary Grant Shapps and Cabinet Office minister Michael Gove attended the Blue Collar Conservatism conference this week.

Following the five-day event, Express.co.uk asked which of the top ministers is your favourite.

In a landslide victory, Chancellor Rishi Sunak was voted the favourite minister in the poll which ran from 11am on October 3 to 1pm October 4.

Out of 3,717 votes, Mr Sunak nabbed 46 percent (1,740) of the votes.

The Home Secretary came second with just 27 percent (939), with Michael Gove close behind at 22 percent (844).

Mr Shapps got just three percent (106) of the votes, while the Education Secretary had just two percent (88) of the votes.

One reader said: “Rishi Sunak. At least he doesn’t get flustered and stands by what he says.”

A second person said: “There only seems to be Sunak that actually has any integrity, so he gets my vote.”

Someone else backed Ms Patel but only if she actually did the things she says she would.

They said: “I would definitely vote for Patel if the things she says she will do actually materialised, so far it’s all words no action.”

A fifth person said: “Gove IF he stays strong and does not concede ground to the EU.”

Another person echoed Mr Gove is the only one fit to take up the mantle of Prime Minister.

They said: “Gove IMHO is the only one fit to take up the mantle of our failed prime minister, Boris has let us down and I believe he will sell us out to the EU.”

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During the five-day event, Mr Sunak apologised to those who fell through the gaps throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

He said: “I have said very candidly in the past and apologised to those people, we haven’t been able to help everyone in exactly the way they would have liked.

“Sometimes it’s just practically very difficult to do and we have to protect the taxpayer and we have to have systems in place.

“I have everyone in my mind all the time and what I would say is even if you haven’t been helped in exactly the way you want there always is something we have done that could benefit you.”

Mr Gove used the conference to attack Brussels for its bad faith during Theresa May’s premiership when the UK tried to be accommodating in the talks.

Home Secretary Ms Patel revealed the UK is working “actively” with EU countries but went on to slam other member states who are not “proactive” with the immigration crisis.

Education Secretary Mr Williamson launched a passionate rant against snowflake universities refusing to provide a platform to certain political figures.

Mr Shapps, the Transport Secretary, hailed new Tory MPs who replaced Labour veterans and hit out at the Labour Party for failing to keep promises over the years.

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