POLL: Is Britain making the most of Brexit, or could PM do more as Lord Frost said?

Frost admits Britain needs 'benefits of Brexit to start paying off’

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Lord Frost, who resigned in December last year over “concerns about the current direction” of the British Government, has offered his opinion on how the UK might make better use of Brexit opportunities. He said that, while there was “a lot we have done”, this didn’t go far enough to harness the full potential of leaving the EU. 

Speaking to LBC on Wednesday, Lord Frost said: “I think there’s a lot more we could do. 

“There’s a lot we have done – the vaccine rollout, leading on Ukraine and restoring democracy to the country…but I would like to see us doing more.

“For example, on planning reform, on procurement reform, on restoring flexible labour markets, reducing tariffs, going harder on free trade deals.

“All these sorts of things so that some of the benefits start to be visible and pay off.”

He went on to discuss the Northern Ireland Protocol – which he had a major hand in negotiating – saying it should now be reworked. 

He said: “I think it is obvious that the Protocol as it currently stands cannot survive. It must be renegotiated or the Government must act unilaterally.

“I simply don’t understand why the EU will not renegotiate it and move on to a more collaborative relationship with us as we all want.

“But if the EU won’t, then the Government’s responsibility is to govern this country and it will have to take that into hand.”

Lord Frost blamed the EU for some of the imperfections in the Brexit deal. 

He said: “We had to take the decisions we did back in 2019 because Parliament had removed the option of leaving without a deal.

“The constitution was being shredded, we had to deliver the referendum result, so necessarily the deal in 2019 was imperfect.

“We thought that it would work. We knew we were taking a risk. There was a lot in it we didn’t want but was imposed on us.”

So what do you think? Is the Government making the most of Brexit, or should it do more? Vote in our poll and join the debate in the comments below.

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