‘Only has moans and gripes’ Starmer savaged by Britons as complaining comes back to bite

Partygate: 'It's time to move on' says QT audience member

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The Labour leader earlier this year called in Parliament for Boris Johnson to resign over the breaking of his own lockdown rules. He insisted the Prime Minister’s attempts to protect his career were causing “immense damage to public trust”.

But now, as Britons prepare to vote in local elections, Sir Keir has been mocked for excluding any reference to ‘Partygate’ in an electoral message amid accusations he also broke lockdown rules by having a late night beer and takeaway curry with fellow Labour activists.

A Labour source dismissed the claim, stressing: “We are very happy to keep talking about Partygate.”

Express.co.uk readers suggested, however, that its leader will only continue to “moan and gripe”.

Escapee wrote: “After whining ad infinitum about ‘Cakegate’ and ‘Partygate’, it turns out our republican Knight of the Realm has his own ‘Beergate’ and ‘Currygate’ to contend with.

“It’s all good fun!”

NotLongNow wrote: “Starmer has proved how desperate his party has become to bring the Tories down.

“All he has achieved by hyping up ‘Partygate’ is to ruin his own credibility now that ‘Beergate’ has been exposed.”

BrueTrit added: “He will only have moans and gripes in questioning the Prime Minister… but no offer of how to logically improve on the current Government’s actions.

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“I doubt that he will acknowledge the superb work which Boris Johnson has done during a pandemic, which nearly took his own life, too.”

Jayne Challinor insisted it was “too late” for Sir Keir to change tack and that his ‘Partygate’ complaints, given his own actions, went too far.

She wrote: “Too late, Starmer, as far as I’m concerned!”

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For IBowman, the best outcome would be for the Labour Party to be punished for its own alleged lockdown breaking and for the public discussion to move on to something else.

They added: “Then we should put everything about ‘Partygate’ to bed and let the Government run this country.

“Also all fines to the public should be paid back, then we also can forget about ridiculous restrictions for ever more.”

Despite the emergence of ‘Beergate’, reports suggest the Tories could lose up to 800 seats in this week’s local elections.

Bow Group Chairman Ben Harris-Quinney told Express.co.uk a decline in support for the Conservative Party is down not just to lockdown parties but to failures to get to grips with key policy areas, including immigration, crime and rising living costs.

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