Keir Starmer told to APOLOGISE to Boris Johnson over obvious Partygate hypocrisy

Keir Starmer's 'hypocrisy' is 'nauseating' says Andrew Pierce

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Speaking to, Conservative MP Peter Bone denied that Sir Keir should resign if he receives a fine for allegedly breaching Covid rules. But he said that Sir Keir should “apologise to Boris Johnson” for calling on him to resign over his breaches of lockdown restrictions. This comes after the Labour leader announced he will resign if he is found to have breached Covid lockdown restrictions.

Sir Keir is under investigation over an alleged breach of lockdown rules after photographs were released of him and his colleagues drinking beer indoors during lockdown.

Speaking about the alleged breach with, Mr Bone said: “I don’t think [Sir Keir] should resign if he got a fixed penalty notice.

“I think if he gets a fixed penalty notice he should apologise and carry on, that’s my view.

“Does that mean that whenever anyone gets a fixed penalty notice they have to resign, like for speeding or overstaying in car parking? It just doesn’t make sense to me.”

He added: “Where he was wrong of course was calling on the Prime Minister to resign, particularly the chancellor, who turned up for a meeting and because of birthday cake he got a penalty.

“It’s obviously hypocrisy, that’s for sure.

“I think he should apologise to Boris Johnson and all the other things for what he’s been saying.”

The Labour leader was hugely critical of Mr Johnson over the Partygate scandal, repeatedly calling for him to resign.

His alleged breach of lockdown restrictions took place at Durham Miners’ Hall during a day of campaigning in the Hartlepool by-election.

Sir Keir and his team shared curry and beer in the constituency office of Mary Foy MP.

Labour has insisted the gathering was a legitimate work meeting and was permitted under the law at the time, saying that it cannot be compared with the parties held in Downing Street during lockdowns.

According to the Guardian, the party are preparing a dossier of evidence it will hand over to the police to prove Sir Keir worked beyond 1am on the night he was pictured drinking during lockdown.

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A party source told the paper: “We have been totally clear that no rules were broken.

“We will provide documentary evidence that people were working before and after stopping to have food.”

Speaking about the allegations, Sir Keir said: “The idea that I would casually break the rules is wrong.

“I don’t think those who are accusing me of it believe it themselves.

“They are trying to say all politicians are the same.”

In a statement at Labour headquarters, he added: “If the police decide to issue me with a FPN, I would of course do the right thing and step down.

“The British public deserve politicians who think the rules apply to them.”

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