Furious Beaune sets date for legal action against UK – Brexit fishing showdown DAYS away

Brexit: France and UK must 'learn to co-exist' says Deas

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The French Europe minister – a furious critic of the UK’s stance in the matter – told France 2 television this morning there will be a high-profile meeting with EU representatives on January 4. He added litigation at a special tribunal put in place by the Brexit accords will start in “the very first days of January”.

Last week, France had initially warned it would sue Britain within a matter of days over the long-running row over post-Brexit fishing licenses.

Mr Beaune – one of French President Emmanuel Macron’s closest aides – had urged the EU to begin legal action after accusing the UK of refusing to grant enough fishing boat access.

Under new rules enforced after Brexit, French fishermen must apply for a permit to enjoy unfettered access to UK waters.

Britain has so far approved more than 90 percent of fishing licenses France has applied for.

But France has claimed UK officials are still withholding another 73 permits.


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