From Teeside to Twickenham, Boris’ budget will KICKSTART BRITAIN, says STEPHEN BARCLAY

He promised to invest in the NHS. He promised to boost spending on public services. At our Budget this Wednesday, we will deliver those promises and lay foundations for a decade of renewal. We will ensure that someone in Teesside has the same opportunities to unlock their talents as someone in Twickenham. We are already taking action to level up the country, kickstarting a transport and infrastructure revolution.

This includes a £5 billion package to transform buses and cycling provision across the country, as well as committing to HS2 to boost North-South rail links, unleashing the economy in the North.

For generations, investment has focused on high growth areas like London and the South East, which make up nearly two-thirds of the economy.

Areas like the North East, Yorkshire and the South West are growing more slowly than the rest of the country and are not fulfilling their potential.

People across the country feel they are not getting a fair chance, unable to get a good job without having to move away from their friends and families, and not receiving the investment that they deserve.

We must deliver for them now. And that is exactly what we’re doing.

A number of people have asked me what levelling up actually looks like? Well let me tell you today.

It means investing in transport to ensure that towns and cities in every region have the modern, joined up network needed to fire up economic growth.

It means investing in high-quality roads so people can travel between and within towns and cities quickly and safely, and in high-quality broadband so that every person in the UK can be connected.

This means investing in skills and education, giving everyone greater opportunities to aim for and access to the job that they want. It means lowering the cost of living for hard-working families and investing in world-class public services.

We recognise too that too many people feel decisions that affect their lives are made by a distant elite, who don’t understand or respect their concerns. All parts of the UK are equally as important, and we will ensure all areas have the powers and funding that they need to succeed.

We believe in investing across the UK to unleash our potential. As we continue to do so, business will follow, boosting growth and generating opportunities. This will mean better paid jobs for people in all corners of the country, sharing prosperity and ensuring no area is left behind. Coming good on our promise.

Next week we will set out our blueprint for a decade of renewal. And start levelling up for communities across the country.

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