EU pandemic failure exposed by Russia as Covid highlighted ‘immense problems’ in the bloc

EU ‘went against interests of own members’ says Zakharova

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Speaking to RT yesterday, Russia foreign ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova hit out at the European Union for a lack of leadership shown throughout the pandemic. The Russian branded the bloc as having allowed “politicisation” to “tie the hands” of its people and businesses adding it has gone “against the interests of its members.” Ms Zakharova explained how the EU “simply lost time” with the jabs rollout despite the chance for it to be “a leader” in vaccine production. The Russian concluded by saying the EU and the West have “immense problems” and have “not lived up to the task” of the challenges they’ve been given over the pandemic.

Ms Zakharova said: “Let’s be realists, the European Union simply lost time, it could have been a leader in innoculations, a leader in vaccine production but that didn’t happen.

“Why? Politicisation tied their hands, EU officials tied the hands of industrialists and businesses and ultimately tied the hands of their own people.”

The Russian added: “The EU went against the interests of its own members.”

And in a damming statement, Ms Zakharova said: “Just like the fact that covid in 2020 highlighted the immense problems in the European Union and the West in general.”

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The spokeswoman went on to say: “The EU has not been able to deal with a worldwide catastrophe, but it’s not like we haven’t had them before… the world has dealt with pandemics before.”

She then turned her attention onto the bloc’s leadership saying: “It turned out that those who called themselves leaders of the world aren’t that at all, it’s just chest thumping!

“It turns out the European Union, specifically Germany, France and many other countries and also the U.S. couldn’t offer anything to the world as an example of dealing with the pandemic.”

Ms Zakharova then fired off a brutal conclusion of the EU saying: “Unfortunately they didn’t live up to the task neither in the economic terms, nor socially or implementation of vaccines.”

India: Merkel shares concern over pharmaceutical exports

The damming comments come as a strong majority of people in Britain say the UK should offer a free trade partnership to other countries that want to leave the European Union.

With the fifth anniversary of the historic Brexit vote approaching, nearly six out of 10 people (57 percent) would support the UK offering such a partnership to states that want to break free from Brussels, a mere six percent of those polled by Redfield and Wilton Strategies opposed the offer of a free trade partnership. 

2,000 people were surveyed online on April 7 with the following question: ‘To what extent, if at all, do you agree or disagree with the following statement: The UK should offer a free trade partnership to other countries that want to leave the EU?’

A total of 57 percent agreed, while just six percent rejected the idea. 


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And on Wednesday German Chancellor Angela Merkel told a meeting at the European Commission that India has become “too big” of a pharmaceutical producer as major concerns are rising in the bloc that they will not receive enough medicines as jabs are redirected in India to cope with rising infections.

She branded the EU has not “treated” it’s pharmaceutical industry “so well” over the years and have relied on countries such as India to provide pharmaceuticals in recent years, including vaccines through the pandemic where it produces the two vaccines, including the AstraZeneca jab and is one of the worlds largest vaccine producers.

The German Chancellor took aim at India as it is engulfed in a massive second wave of covid despite India having exported an estimated 66 million doses to 94 countries as of April 22 through the Serum Institute of India according to India’s Ministry of External Affairs.

She demanded: “From the European side, in the expectation that this should then also be complied with, we expect it to honour its promises and if it can’t, we will have to rethink.”

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