Dont need any help from you! Lindsay Hoyle shuts down SNP MP in furious swipe

PMQs: Speaker Hoyle shuts down SNP MP Angus MacNeil

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Sir Lindsay Hoyle lashed out at the conduct of SNP MP Angus MacNeil as the Speaker of the House of Commons attempted to bring MPs into order ahead of Prime Minister Questions. Sir Lindsay began to make an announcement regarding a sign language translation for the upcoming proceedings. However, the SNP MP caught the ire of the speaker and Sir Lindsay paused his address to give Mr MacNeil a stern telling-off. 

Sir Lindsay told MPs: “Before we come to Prime Minister’s questions I would like to point out that the British…”

The Speaker stopped before turning on Mr MacNeil.

He blasted: “Mr MacNeil, I don’t need any help from you!

“This is an important message those people are watching. Before I come to the Prime Minister’s questions, I’d like to point out that the British Sign Language Interpretation of proceedings is available to watch on the Parliament Live TV.”


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