Brexit charm offensive working as Starmer holds lead in best PM poll

PMQs: Sunak slams Starmer over ‘spread of hate’ in Labour party

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After 100 days in Downing Street, Rishi Sunak is still struggling to catch up with Sir Keir Starmer in the poll for “best Prime Minister” despite a week where he tried to go on the front foot. According to the Techne UK survey for, the Prime Minister continues to lag behind the Labour leader by six points after a week where he launched his PM Connect events, humiliatd Starmer in PMQs and had a major interview on television.

The Techne UK findings from a survey of 1,624 British voters last week revealed that Mr Sunak’s rating rose by one point to 38 percent.

Unfortunately for the Prime Minister, Starmer rating also increased by the same amount to 44 percent.

More worryingly for Mr Sunak, Sir Keir now appears to be winning over Brexiteers with 25 percent of 2016 Leave voters now preferring him despite leading efforts to overturn the referendum.

The Prime Minister, who backed 2016, still has a lead among Leave voters though with 59 percent and also can draw some comfort that a third (33 percent) of Remainers from 2016 prefer him.

But the rise in support of Brexiteers for Starmer comes after the Labour leader has gone out of his way to provide assurances that there will be no attempt to reverse Brexit or join the eU’s single market and customs union.

Among voters aged 44 or below the Labour leader holds almost half the vote (49 percent) with Mr Sunak lagging far behind on 33 percent.

But the Prime Minister still seems to lead among older voters with a gap of plus 9 percent in 55-to-64-year-olds and plus 3 percent in 65 and overs.

Supporters of Mr Sunak still cling on to hope that his personal ratings against Starmer in “best PM” show that the real gap is much lower than the 21 percent lead for Labour in the poll of parties.

But with both his predecessors – Boris Johnson and Liz Truss – coming out critically against him in the last week over economic and foreign policy, Mr Sunak is also under pressure from MPs in his own party unhappy over tax rises and a continued failure to stop immigration.

Mr Sunak has also so far failed to replace a chairman to replace Nadhim Zahawi who he sacked over a failure to properly pay his taxes before becoming an MP.

One MP told that it is “almost unprecedented” for a senior cabinet minister not to be replaced within 24 hours.

Members of the new grassroots group the Conservative Democratic Organisation (CDO) would like the new chairman to be elected by the members.

Others though are pushing for Priti Patel or Brotis Johnson to be appointed to help bring the party’s factions together.

Last week Mr Sunak likened himself to his favourite football club Southampton which managed to turn things around “on the last game of the season.”

He told Piers Morgan that he knew he “had a challenge” when he took over as Prime Minister from Liz Truss late last year.

However, a week with very little happening in Parliament this week will be used as confirmation by his critics that he is stuck in the bunker.

Nadine Dorries, when she was interviewing Boris Johnson on Talk TV, referred to Sunak as the “submarine prime minister.”


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