Starmer rules out return to EU or single market under Labour

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And former Brexit Party MEP Rupert Lowe has backed him up, branding the BBC a “state monopoly” which he claimed was seeking to “brainwash” the British people. Sir John, Tory MP for Wokingham, was reacting after Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer confirmed there would be no attempt to rejoin the EU, instead insisting his party would find a way to “make Brexit work”.

Without naming Sir Keir or any other Labour heavyweights, Sir John tweeted: “The BBC ask Labour why they do not want to re-enter the EU single market, but refuse to challenge them over how they think the EU could be persuaded to change its extreme interpretation of the NI Protocol.

“As always the BBC resolutely accepts the bad actions of the EU.”

Mr Lowe, who served alongside Nigel Farage in Brussels in 2019, said: “I totally endorse John Redwood’s succinct summary of the BBC’s continuing bias.

Mr Lowe, who served alongside Nigel Farage in Brussels in 2019, said: “I totally endorse John Redwood’s succinct summary of the BBC’s continuing bias.

“The sooner it is defunded, the sooner Britain will cease to be brainwashed by a state monopoly funded by a compulsory levy on the Electorate including our elderly citizens.”

The BBC had been “complicit” in what Mr Lowe called “the post war European experiment to emulate the USA”, claiming it had resulted in “untold misery in Southern Europe” and would continue do so until the euro collapsed, something he suggested was inevitable.

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Mr Lowe added: “The country misses the sound stewardship of men like John Redwood.

The Northern Ireland protocol was never deliverable and will bring about the very division which Europe said it was designed to avoid.

“It is simply a devious attempt to accelerate a united Ireland and needs urgent resolution to avoid damaging the UK’s best interests.”

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Sir Keir set out his approach to the EU in a keynote speech delivered on Monday in which he insisted he did not want to reopen old arguments.

During a round of broadcast interviews, he subsequently told the BBC: “I want to make Brexit work. We want to go forwards, not backwards.

“This is not about rejoining. It is not about going back into the single market or customs union. We have left the EU, there is no case for returning.

“What we can’t do is reopen all those arguments, all those divisions, which caused so much anguish over past years.

“We need to go forwards with a better deal that unblocks the blockages that are there, allows us to trade more successfully and grows the economy.”

Earlier Baroness Jenny Chapman, a shadow minister of state at Cabinet Office, denied that Labour has plans to “unpick” Brexit.

She told BBC Breakfast: “I think that would be the last thing the country wants to see. We’ve had so much division since 2016. I think the last thing certainly Keir Starmer wants to do is to revisit any of that.

“But we do think that the Conservatives, because they have this way of dealing with problems, which is all about, if we need to create a fight to garner some political support within our party, we’ll do that.

“They’re taking that approach to issues like Northern Ireland and we think that that’s irresponsible, and we want to see these issues resolved.” has approached the BBC for comment.

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