Angela Rayner in blistering Boris Johnson rant Hes not fit for office!

Starmer and Rayner 'aren't on the same page' says expert

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Angela Rayner claimed the Prime Minister has shown in recent weeks he is “unfit for office” with his humiliating U-turns on policy as well as his denials a Number 10 Christmas party happened in breach of Covid rules. Boris Johnson has come under scrutiny over allegations a large gathering took place last December despite the rule of six being in place at the time. Speaking to Good Morning Britain, Ms Rayner said: “The rules are very clear that if you mislead Parliament, then ministers – and the Prime Minister is not above the rules – would have to resign. 

“We’ve got a Prime Minister here who, quite frankly, I never felt was fit for office anyway but has proven over the past couple of months he isn’t.

“He’s undermined with Owen Patterson, dodgy contracts, now we’re talking about multiple potential events and parties happening within Number 10 and within his own flat at Number 10.

“He spent the last week after I wrote to the Cabinet Secretary asking for an investigation into the allegations…he spent the week saying, ‘nothing to see here, nothing happened.”

Mr Johnson went on the record in the Commons as he maintained during PMQs no party ever took place.

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