Five Colorado Starbucks stores have joined the growing effort to unionize the coffee chain

Employees at five Colorado Starbucks stores have joined a growing number of employees across the country who have voted to unionize the global coffee chain.

A Starbucks in Colorado Springs and two in Denver voted Thursday to form a union at their individual locations.

In April a store in Superior became the first in the state to vote in a union. Pro-union workers at a Denver location on East Colfax Avenue also won their election.

Election results at a second Colorado Springs store were still being determined because the vote was tied and two ballots were being challenged, Workers United spokesman Malachi Dray said Friday.

Employees at least two other Starbucks stores in Colorado have filed petitions with the National Labor Relations Board to hold elections.

More than 80 Starbucks stores across the country have approved starting unions, according to Workers United, the labor union that is organizing the employees. Workers United is an affiliate of the Service Employees International Union.

Employees of more than 200  Starbucks nationwide have petitioned to schedule elections.

Colorado workers have said wages, benefits and staffing levels will be among the top issues they will address when they open bargaining with Starbucks management.

Seattle-based Starbucks has said it will respect the legal process and bargain in good faith. However, company officials have said the employees, which the company refers to as “partners,” and Starbucks are better together without a union.

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